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By: ghazali hariri

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Thursday, 3-May-2012 07:39 Email | Share | | Bookmark
BERSIH 3.0-The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

There has been so much talking during the past 5-6 days regarding one of the biggest ever protest ever held in the country, Bersih 3.0. I was there as usual, supporting the cause of the protest and at the same time hoping to get some beautiful photos of the event. So here are some photos of the sit-in protest held last Saturday in Dataran Merdeka, the good photos of people from all walks of life sitting peacefully supporting the event, the bad S.O.P of the police in handling the protest, and the ugly scene of violence that marred during the protest. All in all I captured more than 700 photos of the event. Here are some of the photos captured during the sit-in protest, one of the biggest so far, calling for the government to reform the electoral machine in this country. Enjoy the photos.

bersih38 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
Face-off. The mighty police force showcasing their strength by lining up all the personnel-on-duty together with their water canon trucks just in front of the Dataran Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur, during the Bersih 3.0 sit-in protest last Saturday.

bersih1 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
A man wearing an effigy resembling Guy Fawkes with a sea of BERSIH 3.0 supporters near the Dataran merdeka last Saturday. Thousands of people( estimated to almost 250,000 of people) gather here near the Dataran Merdeka, calling the government for a fair and clean election.

bersih2 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
Welcome to Tel Aviv. A message sent by the supporters of Bersih 3.0 regarding the police brutality in handling the people whom they claimed were beaten in the Bersih 2.0. Thousands of people from all walks of life gather here near Dataran Merdeka during one of the biggest protest ever held in the country, calling for a reform within the Election Commission.(check out the razor-wire used to prevent the protestors from going in to the Dataran Merdeka)

bersih3 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
Some of the demands by Bersih 3.0, printed on the tshirt of one of the Bersih 3.0 supporter, calling for the electoral reform within the EC. Thousands of Malaysian gathered here near the Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur, before violence erupted between the police and the supporters.

bersih7 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
Folding bike enthusiast gathers here, near the Dataran Merdeka in support of the Bersih 3.0 demo. It was a carnival-like atmosphere for the people before tensions marred into the event.
Thousands of people gathered here calling the government for a clean and fair election during one of the biggest sit-in protest ever held in this country.

bersih19 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
Dr Mohd Hatta Ramli, an elected Member of Parliament from the opposition party, addressing the crowd of Bersih 3.0 near the Dataran Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur.
Thousands of people from all walks of life gathered here to call for a clean and fair election to the government.

bersih29 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
Police personnel inside a truck, ferried to the other side of the road, an act seen as provocative by some quarters of the Bersih 3.0 supporters.
Thousands of people joined the sit-in protest during one of the biggest demonstration ever held in this country, calling for the government to reform the electoral machine in the country.

bersih21 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
A Malaysian Bar lawyer, acting as an observer during the Bersih 3.0 protest held near the Dataran Merdeka last Saturday in one of the biggest ever protest in the country. About 80 lawyers from Malaysian Bar was placed in various locations throughout the city of Kuala Lumpur as observers.

bersih23 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
An old man facing off with the anti-riot police during the Bersih 3.0 protest held somewhere in Kuala Lumpur today. The protest was held to call upon the government to give a fair and clean election.

bersih41 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
The protesters right after they managed to get past the barricade set earlier by the police, just near the Dataran Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur during the sit-in protest held yesterday.
They managed to get into the Dataran Merdeka before the police started to shoot chemical-water and followed by tear-gas to disperse the protestors. The incident happened at exactly at 3pm.

bersih47 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
Bersih 3.0 supporters could not handle the extreme feeling in the eyes that causing them to cry and difficulty in breathing, trying to soothe the pain with water.

bersih46 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
Media personnel were not spared when it comes to the tear-gas effect, causing them to cry and having a difficulty in breathing. This photo was shot near the Kuala Lumpur City Hall building where police has shot tear gas to disperse the people from entering Dataran Merdeka on Saturday.

bersih52 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
A Bersih 3.0 supporter holding the Malaysia flag, regrouped right after they were attacked with tear gas by the police, near the Bandaraya LRT Station somewhere in Kuala Lumpur, during one of the biggest sit-in protest ever held in the country.

bersih51 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
One of the tear-gas canister shot by the police landed inside the Kuala Lumpur City Hall's vehicle parked just outside of the buildings causing damage to the rear window of the vehicle.

Thursday, 23-Feb-2012 16:22 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Debu Hiroshima

will update my fotopages to the soonest as possible. for now here i am infront of Hiroshima A-Bomb Dome near the Hiroshima Memorial Park in Hiroshima, of course.
the title was first used by the novellist Othman Puteh on the novel, Debu Hiroshima, a story of how a Malay student studying in Hiroshima survived the painful history of the human-kind, the bombing of Hiroshima.
i do have so many photos to share in my fotopages right now, but i need to get to that sad-feeling again to be able to present it in better atmosphere, i mean, at the moment, i am a bit of overexcited here, still wandering around the city of Hiroshima, and yet ada hati nak update the sad story of the bombing, so i think let me relax dulu, and get the feeling again, then i will post those photos and the write-up here in the fp. so stay tuned guys

hiroshima1 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr

Sunday, 13-Nov-2011 12:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
a beautiful durian orchard in Trong

one of my wish list if i ever to become a millionaire is to buy one piece of land in Trong, Perak.
a land with lots lots of durian trees in it; where i can take families and friends just to 'lepak' and enjoy the view and of course, enjoy the durian too.

and i saw one, somewhere in Trong, with a very beautiful scenery in it, and i tried to capture it nicely as what i saw with my eyes, so that i can share with you guys here in my fotopages.

DSC_0246 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
when i first saw it with my eyes, i thought it was soo beautiful, it looks like a drawing, and i straight away stopped my car, and just walked inside the durian orchard without ever thought of asking the owner a permission to enter it. i was like hypnotized by the beauty of that orchard and i just grabbed the camera and walked straight inside the orchard and trying to recapture the beauty i saw in my eyes and transfer it inside my camera. and i think yess, i have it here. a beautiful durian orchard in Trong. enjoy yah

DSC_0253 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr

Sunday, 23-Oct-2011 14:31 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Marco Simoncelli 1987-2011

Rest in Peace Marco Simoncelli. You will be missed.

DSC_0201 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr

DSC_0441 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr

Marco Simoncelli 1987-2011

Sunday, 9-Oct-2011 23:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark
should i take her to see Mak or not?

sorry guys, no photos. its only some of my thoughts in writing this time around.

its always a dilemma to me whether should i take to see mum or not when it comes to a friend paying me a visit here in KL.

mum is here in Shah Alam, and last week, i got a friend visiting me from Jakarta, and i was like," should i take her to see mum or not".....though she always asked me how my mum looks like, and she always asks for me to take her to see my mum.

deep from the bottom of my heart, theres always a mixed feelings on this, i ve always thought when i got a friend coming to visit me, whether its a boy or a girl, i always have some kind of judgement, you know, like this guy/girl is good or bad or his dressing is cool enough for me to take him/her to see my mum.

well, my relationship with her is quite complicated and she came with the intentions to learn what is all about KL and Malaysia and you know what?
I think I ve ruined it. I ve ruined her trip here, and i should have taken her to my sisters house in KL and Shah Alam. both of my sisters have a good visual of what a normal family in Malaysia gonna looks like.
my sister and her husband teaches Quran every night for the kids near the house ssomewhere in Taman Dagang in Ampang, and it should be nice to show how in the middle of the bustling life of KL, there are still a Quran reading class available for the kids. and yessss, it should be a good experience for her to see all those things.

and my sister in Shah Alam too, is an expert in cooking in almost every dishes of Malay dishes, and a good Italian food like lasagna and mum was also in Shah Alam....i should have taken her to these 2 houses and experience how a normal life in KL gonna be like.
but what actually came on mind at that time was, i was feeling "is she the one?, is she worth for that experience to come to meet my mum, and see how my sisters and their family run their life, is she worth that kind of experience? what would my mum say if she knows that i am seeing an Indonesian girl? what she would be thinking about that?"-you see, how serabut my feelings was at that time of her visit? and end up i did ruined the trip.

its only the day after she left, i am back into a clearer state of mind. mind you, its only AFTER she left.
its only after she left, i called my mum and asked if my mum would be OK with the prospect of me, taking an Indonesian girl out and see her at one of my sisters house. is she gonna be OK with the prospect the girl might be my future wife or not. Is she gonna be oke or not with everything? and with all the silly questions came popping into my mind, i couldnt see things clearly at that time. you know that kind of silly questions......damnnnn...i HATE myself for thinking too much on unnecessary things. damnnnn

and the worst part you know what? my mum tak kisah pon. she didnt even bother about it. my mum said its up to me whether to go out with any girls that i want. its up to me, and its my choice. she always said that, "next time, if u have tamu from far away, be it a guy or a girl, just take them to me. no problem. she would not judge whether if the tamu is suitable for me or not. whether if the tamu is Indonesian or a Vietnamese. she wouldnt care. as long as i am happy.

and my sisters too would always welcome a tamu to the house, be it a special friend or a just a biasa one. she always welcomes anyone into the house.ahhhhhhhhhh........i really regret of what had happened during her visit here. i should have taken her there to those houses. not those mega shopping complexes in KL.not only KLCC. not only Bukit Bintang, but to experience what a normal Malaysian would do in the daily life. I should have known about that. but being a very fussy Ghazali, i could not help but to think all those silly questions of what people might think about it. i dont know since when must i worry about what people had on their mind? i really dont know since when. but what i know now is, I do really feel regret about it.

but yeah, life is always a learning process, and the experience i gained last week is what makes me a man today. i need to get back on my feet and carry on with my life. back to a normal life then Zali.

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