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Tuesday, 23-Aug-2011 17:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Tarawikh at Istiqlal

whenever i received a forwarded email containing fotos of how people around the world would celebrating ramadhan, Indonesia will always be in the lists.and you know what, mesti ada gambar kat Istiqlal.
and if you look at this year's ramadhan photos around the world linked here
there will always be photos of people in Indonesia specifically in Istiqlal doing the activity as what Muslims around the world would do when it comes to celebrating Ramadhan.

and me, being a Reuters-photojournalist-wannabe, pon geram bila nengok all the photos.....and so, macam biasa laahhh, i pon decide to capture some of the moment of Ramadhan lah kan,
and the easiest options for me is mana lagi, ke Jakarta aje lah senang.....
murah pon murah, nak communicate pon senang, makan pon sedap, awek dia pon tak sombong,
so, again, to Jakarta je lah, Istiqlal to be precise, the biggest mosque in Jakarta

istiqlal by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
on my way to Istiqlal, hired a bajaj, one of the most popular mode of transport here in Jakarta.
I was charged 15000Rp, from my hotel in Jalan Wahid Hasyim to the Istiqlal mosque which would normally took you 15-20 minutes if the traffic is good. though it was quite expensive ( people would normally pay 10000Rp to get there from Jalan Wahid Hasyim), i did enjoy the ride.

istiqlal1 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
Istiqlal at night- its what i first thought when i saw the mosque. I didnt bring along my tripod, and i also didnt do enough homework to be there on time. i should have arrived there earlier, to get the blue color of the sky. kalao tak it wouldnt be like this, gambar yang biasa, to me lah. nothing special or arty about it, but still like i said before in the earlier entry, masih boleh digunakan. hehehehe

istiqlal2 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
the ablution(wudhu) area for the mens, no need canggih canggih one like the one we see at masjid shah alam, and end up lingkup, tadak sapa mau repair. pakai paip camni lagi praktikal.

istiqlal3 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
here i am inside the main area of the Istiqlal mosque. memang besar dan cantik

istiqlal7 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
the womens section to the left, and the mens to the right.

istiqlal5 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
jemaah relaxing while waiting for the isya prayer

istiqlal4 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
another view of the Istiqlal seen from the first floor

istiqlal6 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
Istiqlal main prayer hall can accommodate maximum 16000 people at one time

sorry guysss
too capek to continue
gue tidur dulu yah, nanti di sambung aja

istiqlal8 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
seen here jemaah performing witr

istiqlal9 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr

istiqlal10 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr

istiqlal11 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr

Sunday, 7-Aug-2011 08:24 Email | Share | | Bookmark

i am not that expert in framing photos, but i do got some compliment from friends and families on certain photos yg ok.

since i have some time before my iftar (buka puasa/ breaking fast), why not i share some of my knowledge on how to frame a good photo.

these series of photos is an advert of a mini car at the recently held Indonesia International Motorshow 2011, in which i attended and was there for 2 days to witness myself the progress of automotive industries in Indonesia....hehehehe...

there is nothing wrong with all the photos, and to my eyes, they are all can be used for any publication, be it a car magazine or even a advert poster.
but what i want to highlight is how to see perfectly to frame a photo.

mini5 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
here is the first photo, in which people commonly make mistake by taking photos from what they first see, like here, normally most of us just snap a photo from the ground level and thats it, without ever thinking to isolate all the people, and also how to frame it beautifully.
not that to say its wrong to take photos from the ground level, but we can always isolate the people from the subject, unless you purposely wanted to show that so many people attended the Mini booth , then its ok to include the crowd.

mini2 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
here, the photo is still with the people ant yess, it is still can be used for any publications, but still, it depends on the purpose of the foto....where i still believe the crowd tu kacau daun as i only wanted the photo of the mini car and the "whats up indonesia" phrases to be included.
and yess, theres nothing wrong with this photo.

mini1 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
this photo pon ok, but the jeep in front tu not fit the purpose lah

mini4 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
here, like the rest of the photos up there, it can also be used, but as you can see at the right-hand corner of the photo, the mini sign dah kene kerat, so tak le cun kan kalao nak publish.
but, yessss, it can still be used in a publication. no worries babe.
there is nothing wrong with pictures. its subjective. ada yg kata ok ada yg kata tak ok.

fb130 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
ok, my final photo.
here, as you can see, i finally managed to isolate the crowd and i finally got the best from all the photos i took.
i try to make it simple. nothing fancy about this photo.
as long as it is fit to the purpose, then its ok to me.
try to make it simple like here, simple means just a normal horizontal photo and as it has 2 horizontal blue line in it, what you can do is, try to make the horizontal line as straight as it can be, and if you can make it symmetrical then, its a bonus and for sure it will become a good photo.
symmetrical is another key word to a good photo.

ok then.
good luck

Tuesday, 2-Aug-2011 17:55 Email | Share | | Bookmark
ZED Tickets

being an airliner myself, i am blessed with lots lots of privileges especially when it comes to travel. Apart from the free airway tickets every year for me and my dependent, i am also entitled to travel on ZED tickets.

ZED acronym to Zonal Employee Discount is another way of travelling for all the airliners around the world to travel cheap. meaning if you are an airline employee, then you are entitled for a discounted tickets of up to 90% from the price that normally paid by normal people who is not an airline employee.
best kan?

but of course, the setback on ZED tickets is that, the ticket's status is not firm, as it depends on the space-available on the aircraft. if lets say i am travelling to Jakarta, then i have to make sure that the flight is not fully-booked, then i am entitled to travel on ZED tickets.
but if that particular flight to Jakarta is full, then i will be offloaded from the flight and wait for the next one, provided the next flight pon tak full.....kalao full, then the story will goes on and on and on........

so to avoid those things to happens on me, i always choose to travel during the weekdays where there will be less traffic/traveller/competitor in getting the seats on the flight.

so, if you are an airline employee, and you never use the privilege of travel cheap on this ZED tickets, my advise is, tukar keje le

So, last week, i took my annual leave for three days and off to Jakarta....

ahh, lupa nak ceritaaaaa.....

the best part when you use the ZED ticket is, you will be given options on which airline are you going to use to take you to the destinations of your holiday....
for example, if you are travelling to Jakarta, you will be given two choices of either flying with Malaysia Airlines or Garuda Indonesia.

in my case, if lets say i wanted to fly MAS, i only need to pay RM 220 for a return ticket to Jakarta.
but i can also choose to fly with Garuda, in which i need to pay RM 240 for a return ticket to Jakarta.

both airlines use B737-800, and both airlines have beautiful stewardesses inside the cabin, but you need to know what are the other 'extras' provided by both of the airlines, in order to make sure that you puas hati bayar rm200++ tu kan.

I have been travellling with MAS ever since I was 6. so this time around, i chose to travel with Garuda...
after all, their 738 aircraft is ife-equipped, it will be less boring lah for the 1 hour-40 minutes journey to Jakarta.

enjoy the fotos yah

fp4 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
the friendly-faces of Garuda Crew, and if you notice that Garuda's crew are wearing new uniforms, a kind of kebaya lah i can say.....cantik.....i likeeeeeee
just for your iinfo, Garuda Indonesia has just won the award of The Most Improved Airline at the 2010 World Airline Awards, and i must admit that i like their new look and yesss, i can feel the transformation of the organisation once i stepped inside the new fleet of B737-800 and being greeted by the cabin staff.

fp by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
Garuda Indonesia are using the the Panasonic Hybrid EX2 system on their B737-800 fleet, with the touch-screen on the 10" monitors i guess. I really enjoyed the in-flight entertainment system everytime i travel as it kills time.....sedar2 dah sampai destinasi...hehee
Here, I am enjoying Hetty Koes Endang's Surga dan Neraka.....
reminds me of my mom yang gila lagu Hetty Koes nih...hehe

fp2 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
well, this time around, i have to agree with my mak, who is also a frequent flyer jugakk.....
.....haaa jangan tak tau mak aku tuuu, hehehehe....kaki travel jugak tuu
my mom pernah told me, the food onboard of MAS flight is excellent.well, i have to agree with her on this.
sadly to say to Garuda lah, hehehe, tak berapa nak masuk dgn tekak aku...sorry

fp1 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
well, what else do u need in life????
di awan biru sambil ditemani Hetty Koes Endang???.......
.....sounds like heaven to me

fp3 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
sambil ngopi lakkkkk....pehhhhhhh ......memang heaven lah

Tuesday, 19-Jul-2011 06:45 Email | Share | | Bookmark
BERSIH 2.0-RTM will show Illegal BERSIH video

I am sure many of you have read the reports on the news saying that our Minister for Information, Communications, Arts and Culture, Datuk Seri Dr. Rais Yatim is ready to ask the RTM to broadcast police recordings of unruly crowd behavior captured during the July 9 BERSIH rally.

and i am also very sure that many of you guys have read the quotes by our Deputy IGP, Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar appealing to the public to submit the video footage captured during the march as the police might use it as evidence that police used excessive force in dispersing protesters.

but please look at these pictures ....

witness01 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr

these two photos was taken when there is commotion between the police and the protesters, and just look at the number of people/witnesses that ready to record all the moment onto their own camera.

i am sure that our Deputy IGP will be very busy to go thru all the video footage and photos submitted to him by those photographers on duty during the BERSIH rally

witness by ghazalihariri, on Flickr

Friday, 15-Jul-2011 14:48 Email | Share | | Bookmark

i am sorry for my absent here in this fotopages. its has been 11 months of me, mia from this field of foto-blogging. i must say that i am sort of lost in my own world. to say the least, i have lost my appetite for foto-blogging lah, senang cerita. so many things have changed, that i couldnt bear to face it anymore, that i decided to put off my fb acc, and stop updating this fp, and even considering to delete this fp acc, but, luckily i havent...
sounds like depression yah?
hahahahaha, i dont think so.

oklah,stop. we'll talk about BERSIH 2.0 now....

bersih2 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
these photos of R.Sivarasa an elected MP of Subang, and Ngeh Koo Ham, MP of Sitiawan, were in the middle of discussion with the police to lead one of the BERSIH group to one point. I was there to take photos of the team to negotiate with the police to let them march peacefully. All the team wanted is for the police to let the group march from Puduraya till the end of Jalan Sultan in which it only take 850m. The police agreed, at first, much to the delight of the rally participants, thinking that they finally have two elected Member of Parliament to lead them to a peaceful walk, though its just for a short walk.

bersih3 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
seen here in the picture, R.Sivarasa, an elected MP of Subang, is busy answering all the questions by the media, right after the police agreed that the group can go ahead to march about 1km starting from Puduraya towards Jalan Sultan.

bersih1 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
R Sivarasa discussing with Ngeh right after they were given the green light by the police to lead the peaceful march starting from Puduraya and will end up in Jalan Sultan, where it will take only 1 km, and in return, the group had agreed to the police that they will disperse right after the march.

Ok, now, point to ponder.

The situation in Pudu was that, most of the rally participants were stranded and cant go anywhere as they were denied safe passage to Jalan Sultan. and the riot police have fired tear gas and chemicals towards them who run into the Tung Shin Maternity Hopital, and yes, they were sandwiched between two FRU blockades, and cant go anywhere. So, R Sivarasa and Ngeh Koo ham came to the rescue, and tried to negotiate with the police to give them a safe passage towards Jalan Sultan and in return, they will disperse once they get to Jalan Sultan.

The police agreed at first, much to the delight of the crowd, but with one condition.
"you must use only one side of the road" the police in charge told Sivarasa.
he got no other choice but to agree, though its quite impossible as there were about 2000 strong crowd waiting to get through.

but when the march are about to start, one of the policemen came and tried to call Sivarasa to come forward as the police in charge there wanted to meet him, but Sivarasa felt something is not right, and he asked the police to come forward instead of him going to the police side, but he did go anyhow.

and yess, he was taken away by the police. the police have broken their promise. and the tear gas and water cannons continued to be fired towards the peaceful demonstrators.

to be continued

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