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Sunday, 25-Jul-2010 04:38 Email | Share | | Bookmark

i always have this kind of 'malas' attitude whenever it comes to updating my fotopages with those photos.
Compared to Facebook, I need an extra effort when it comes to updating my fotopages, as i need to upload those photos in flickr, only then the photos is available to be linked in here in my fotopages. So, its kinda double effort needed to update my fotopages.
thats the only reason why i am so 'malas' to update my fp.
Anyway, here I am again, updating my fp with another new photos, the photos of the Colosseum.
enjoy ya.

Monday, 21-Jun-2010 04:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Pudu Jail to be Demolished Tonite at 10

so, whats are all these photos mean to you out there, my fellow Malaysian?
are they just some pice of junk and old building that should be demolished just like that in order to make way for the so-called 'development' of Kuala Lumpur?
another typical-"world class"-Malaysian-mentality to be witnessed tonite in Pudu.

ps-those photos were taken during my early years with my Dslr, back in the year 2008

Saturday, 12-Jun-2010 02:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Talking myself to the trees

yes, here i am as promised.

well, these photos were taken in the middle of the Taman KLCC which is located just in front of the twin tower in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

only these two photos managed to make the cut to my fp as i successfully include myself to the photos, though i never like the second one, i mean the pose of myself with the lappy.
you can see for yourself that my pose is a bit awkward and a bit uncomfortable, unlike the first pose where i am in a more relaxed-mood as i was sitting and talking myself to the trees..

well, for your info, during the 2nd photo shoot-out, there were 2 security officers standing right in front of me and asking me to leave the garden immediately as it was 15 minutes past 10 ( the garden is closing at 10 every night)

and i was like,
"cik, kejap cik, 20 second je...20 second je..
kamera tengah amik gambar nih, saya tak boleh bangun lagi"

and yesss, those security officers wouldn't want to take any excuses from me, as they keep on standing there and watching me until i packed all the stuff and leave the garden.
what to do, kena la pack all those stuff and leave.

no complaints this time Zali.
they were just doing their work

yeah, enjoy the photos then.

Me, sitting there alone talking to myself while being watched by the branches of the trees.....and... closely watched by the 2 security officers

Monday, 7-Jun-2010 15:37 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Updating my Fp

i have received some comments from friends asking me, when will i update my fp.
well, as usual, my answer would be "sorry guys, i am addicted to facebook".....

well, again, i apologize for my absence here in the fp.
for now, enjoy this photo of me with the background of KLCC, updating my Facebook status and checking up my emails at Maya Hotel in the middle of KL's CBD.
(cam best best je ye)
-i promise u guys, i wont ever abandoned my fp again. promise

Tuesday, 4-May-2010 07:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Kuala Gandah- my oppinion

ok, i will write what i feel when i was there at the sanctuary.

this baby elephant is one of the three calf that were there in the sanctuary.
some of my nephews whom i brought along with me during the visit keep on asking me, why are the baby elephants looks like they were dancing?
yeah, they look like they were dancing as they were swaying repetitively from right to left while their legs been chained.
yeap, i have no idea what to answer to that question, so i just agree with the kids "yeah, they're dancing"

further reading on the wikipedia saying it otherwise.
here are some of the text i extracted from wikipedia what is the 'dancing' is all about

Elephants raised in captivity sometimes show "rocking behavior", a rhythmic and repetitive swaying which is unreported in free ranging wild elephants. Thought to be symptomatic of stress disorders, and probably made worse by a barren environment, rocking behavior may be a precursor to aggressive behavior in captive elephants- wikipedia

i should have read it before the trip, and thinking that i have given some 'bodoh punya' answer to the kids really frustrates me.
but, if u guys really thinks that i am an idiot for giving such an idiot punya answers to those children, what about this one.

a friend of mine, Azmean, who was there too, taking photographs of the elephants, asked the same question to the officer (mahout).
and guess what is the answer from the gajah expert?

bila ditanya kpd penjaga, dia kata itu cara utk elakkan kaki cramp… kalau berdiri statik ja, dgn berat badan yg mcm tu, mmg senang la kena cramp…
-the text were extracted from Azmean's website.
for full article and photos taken by Azmean, u can visit Azmean's blog at

i just cant believe they can give such answer to him.
i may say that i am not an expert in gajah, but to tell the people that you know, but in reality, you actually dont really know really disappoints me.
(or probably they know the truth, tapi cover up- well, u know la Malaysian )

and based on the loud trumpeting of the baby elephant while the swaying behaviour took place, you dont have to be an animal expert to judge whether the elephant is happy or under a great stress masa ni.

to be continued with more photos to come

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