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Thursday, 5-Nov-2009 03:32 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Model Photoshoot2

Thursday, 5-Nov-2009 03:29 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Model Photoshoot 1

Friday, 30-Oct-2009 02:22 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Mona Lisa's Smile @ Musee Du Louvre

well, here i am at the most visited museum in the world......Musee du Louvre.

this is one of the famous museums in the world as it displays the masterpiece of the world's famous artist which is one of them is of course Leornardo da Vinci's ultra-famous portrait, the portrait of Mona Lisa.

before i decided to go and buy the ticket for the entrance to the museum, i ve been doing a lot of reading about it..........
and most of the reviews bout this museum is, I would say..... Negative.
what i mean is, all of the review about this museum is negative if only you didnt prepare and dont know what are u looking for once you are inside this huge, sheer size of the space of the museum.

yep.....with over 35000 collection of paintings and other art objects are on display, it is said that it would take about nine months just to glance at every piece of art work displayed inside the museum........ heard me right....9 months .....fuhhhhhhh
gilo gapo.......huhuhuhuhu.....

so since the museum nih besar gila babas, so u kena tau what are the things yg displayed inside the museum, so that u wont leave the museum exhausted and feeling frustrated tak jumpa apa yg u nak tengok.

so, before i get into the museum, actually i dah buat review.....
my first aim is of course itu da Vinci's Mona Lisa lah.....
then the 2nd one of course itu sculpture of the Greek Goddess of Love n Beauty, itu Venus de Milo
the 3rd one i dah aim is Code of Hammurabbi.......pasal aku ingat lagi code of Hammurabbi ni masa aku belajar sejarah dunia masa form 4.....hhuhuhuhuhuh...tu pasal aku nak tgk sgt ape kebendanya Code of Hammurabbi nih.....

ok ok....tak mau cakap banyak.....just enjoy the photos ya

Pyramide du Louvre........this 21m high glass pyramid is actually the main entrance to the musee du louvre....entrance to the museum lah......
the entrance to the museum is dekat bawah this pyramid.
the Pyramide du Louvre nih designed by the Chinese-born American architect IM Pei.
i didnt choose to enter from the outside of the pyramid as the queues here gila punya ramai......
so i opted to enter the museum via the Carrousel du Louvre, the shopping complex yg connected to the museum...
ok sket...tak ramai yg queue situ

The Louvre is divided into 3 sections or 3 wings .....
1. Sully Wings
2. Denon Wings-the famous Mona Lisa paintings is displayed here
3. Richelieu Wings- Code of Hammurabbi is located inside one of the room here in this wing

well, here i am infront of the Denon Wing, where the portrait of the ultra-famous Mona Lisa is displayed at.

well, as u can see here, of all the attraction here inside the musee du louvre is actually nothing, compared to the star attraction of the museum.
so, what is the star attraction of the museum?
ada sapa2 mau jawab???
apa lagi.....itu Mona Lisa lah.......huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu.....

this is the view from outside of the room where Mona Lisa paintings is displayed...
just look at the number of the crowd going inside the room......giiiillllllaaaaaaa
suma nak tgk Mona Lisa.....huhuhuhu...

i like this photos as it shows people from all over the world goes crazy over Mona Lisa and seen here everyone is tryin their best to get the image of the painting inside their own recording oso not spared for going crazy over this painting of Mona Lisa

one thing that i 've learned here is, once u got the shot that u wanted, then move aside lah.....
as people queuing to get the photos of Mona Lisa please lah my friend.....
once u get the photos...then blah laaaaaa....aku pon nak gak gambar Mona Lisa nih... own image of Mona Lisa

Converted to a museum in 1793, this former royal palace welcomes nearly 25000 visitors every day, which puts the Louvre firmly at the top of the list of the world's most visited museums: 8.5 million visitors here in 2008......thats almost double the number of London's Tate Modern.

The Louvre collection includes 35000 paintings and other art objects, all of which must be constantly supervised. Tens of thousands of visitors leave their mark, especially in
the form of dust, which the cleaning staff hunt down remorselessly every morning.
" And then there's the damage", explains one of the 1100 security staff.
" We have to be extremely firm about that. With the numbers of visitors we have here, the effect can be catastrophic". Wear and tear caused by careless visitors is commonplace: fizzy drinks spilled on the wooden floor, pencil marks on canvasses, footprints on the walls....and artworks dirtied by the hands of people "who don't mean harm", continues the security guard, "but who just can't resist touching".

Far more serious are the malicious acts that must be planned for. even the Mona Lisa was on the receiving end on 2 August this year, when a Russian tourist threw a china cup at her! She was saved only by her armoured glass protection. Its a good illustration of how difficult it is to secure and run such a museum, with its 300 rooms arranged in three wings (the Denon, Richelieu and sully wings). Its a real headache.

-the text were extracted from the article published inside the AEROPORTS DE PARIS MAGAZINE -N40 OCTOBRE 2009

Sunday, 18-Oct-2009 15:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Mak Meets Rudd

these 2 photos were taken by my sis on the 17th October 2009 somewhere in Canberra.
just enjoy the photos yaaa

Left to Right.....
Therese Rein (the wife of Kevin Rudd),.....Kevin Rudd, Mak and Adam

Therese Rein, Kevin Rudd and Adam

Thursday, 8-Oct-2009 02:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark

some of the scene captured inside my dslr.

i like this view of the red tile rooftop of a house near the city of Perpignan with the background of a very clear blue sky. Those two colors are very contrast to each other and i can say the view captured is perfect to be used in a postcard.
And yes, another quessentially French punya rooftops+clear blue sky.

a group of people walking along the old streets in Barcelona with most of the streets here are beautifully lighted with the old-gas lamp yg memang menarik.

if not mistaken, this view was captured in a town named Port Vendres which is located somewhere near the city of Perpignan.

i was just about going inside of the art gallerie when i encounter this scene, with the dog just layin itself infront of the entrance of the art gallerie.
I loves the view as it shows as if the dog is part of the display of the art gallerie.

one of the older building in Perpignan under going a major repair .
i like the colour of the building + the vibrant yellow color of the crane + the clear blue sky.

view of the street in Perpignan + the kereta mini mayat....memang menarik...

a women walk past one of the old-building in the old streets of Perpignan.
the old building seems like a paintings to the vibrant colors of the women's outfit, just make a perfect photo to be captured inside the dslr.

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