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Saturday, 15-Aug-2009 06:39 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Tour Camp Nou

i must admit that, my general knowledge+history of most of the european countries is basically based on my knowledge about their football team.
so, who says tengok bola buang masa? least u learn something about their history, the tradition and culture of the football club and their fans which is really interesting lah.

yes, one of the team that i admired most is of course, the newly crowned the champions of Europe, Barcelona.

the first time that i saw the stadium was like....whooooooaaaaaaaaaaaa......
gila beb....nou camp depan aku....perghhhhhhhhh

well actually, based on my reading lah kan, the stadium is actually named 'camp nou' which means 'a new camp' lah pasal its built to replace the old stadium lah back in the year 1957.
so guys, remember...its Camp Nou.....not Nou Camp, ok

so,there was no Messi, no Ibrahimovic, no Henry, and no to the rest of the team, as they were in the US, in LA kalao tak silap, pasal ada exhibition match+pre season nye game kat sana.
well, to me, tak jumpa depa ni pon takpalah, janji i ve entered and experienced one of the best stadium in the world lah i can say.
well, its rated a 5 star stadium lah by UEFA, and if not mistaken, there are only about 10-20 je stadium yg rated 5 star by UEFA.
i m not sure if our bukit jalil national stadium is rated 5 star by the AFC or not

well, just enjoy lah the fotos ya

this is the image of the 99 000-capacity stadium rated 5-star by UEFA, the Camp Nou of Barcelona

the motto if translated to English means " More Than a Club"

the ticket cost me 17 euros lah.....kali lima kalu ada lah dekat rm 80 ++ la kot.

hundreds of fans queing to get into the stadium for a tour inside the camp nou of barcelona

people cant wait to get the glimpsed of the padang

inside one of the space provided for the fans to sit and enjoy the 3d videos of some of the best moment in the history of the camp nou.

inside the changing rooms of the visiting team....the spas, and the shower....

some of the fans being photographed by friends inside the player's changing room

seen here a chapel for those players to say their last prayer before each of the game. well, i think this one standard lah, but they cant compete with those club from argentina lah, like boca juniors where some of the players, the fans or those who are die-hard of the argentine club can even 'tempah' their own 'boca juniors coffin' whenever their time to rest in peace suda sampai....
barcelona ni aku tak sure ada ke tak service camtu

the room for those sport-commentators

aha....this is the room for the press conference between the managers and the journalists right after the game lah.....

the moment to remember inside this room was back in 1997 kalao tak silap, when Louis Van Gaal was the manager of Barcelona, answering all the question from those journalist in a rude way lah. i guess he cannot take it anymore, as he was subjected to all the criticism by the media and fans lah masa tu.
if not mistaken masa tu Barcelona lost the game to sapa aku tak ingat, so dia suda hangin sama all the journalist yg tanya soalan2 panas kat dia and dia suda hangin kasi hantam lah all the journalist tu...hahahahahahhah....
dia sound....u all sounds sooo negative......always positive.....
regarding the criticism by the media towards him and his team...

Louis Van Gaal...the dutch....personally, i never like him,(pasal dia ni policy dia, dia suka amik all the dutch players masuk Barcelona, yg tak terer pon dia bwak masuk), but, to have all the courage to sound all the wartawan inside the room with all the cameras pointed at u, u do get some respect from me lah mr Louis Van Gaal...haha
that was some of the moment captured and published inside the youtube masa Louis Van Gaal was the manager/coach of Barcelona masa dia hangin tuu...haha

and heres another one lah....
Mr Louis Van Gaal...the man who fully use the so-called 'freedom of speech' lah..haha..

hahaha...ok... enough of him...haha
well, here inside the camp nou, with just 13 euros, u can actually have your photo taken with ur favourite football stars, such as Messi and Henry seen here in the picture below.
haha....its not actually Messi and Henry pon, its just a something like a big card with the actual size images of Messi and Henry.
its actually free of charge, for the photo session lah, and once its captured, then u will be given the chance to see from the display of the camera whether u like it or not.
if u like it, then they will print it out for u and u pay them 13 euros.
but if u dont like them, then, no need to pay anything. yg bagus gak nih ye....
patut Perak kena buat satu nih , bergambor ngn ahmad Shahrul Azhar and Razali Umar Kandasamy...bayor rm 10...ok what?

kids enjoying their image taken by the parent

signed by Lennart replaced by Michel Platini

some of the trophies being displayed

one of the fans enjoying the images of the 5-star stadiums inside one of the room in the camp nou

the home and away kit of barcelona

inside the press box

Joan Gamper- the founder of the club

seen here a couple being photographed and the picture taken will be edited and will be included with one of the stars they chose to have inside their picture....... this guy with the white cap, is admiring the photo of him and Messi....while the girl with the red tshirt is doing the final touch on the image before the photo is printed.

inside the nike store located just outside the stadium.....memang rambang mata beb kat sini

these are some of the hot item on sale inside the store....the replica jerseys of the two most highly paid player in the team, Messi and Ibrahimovic.
those jerseys is way too expensive for the value of my Ringgit.
the price is 89 euros....kalao kali 5....dah jadi rm 450....heh...tak sanggup aku

variety of shoes to choose from

these pakcik2 is waiting to pay for all the jerseys lah....while those cashiers is busy stamping the numbers and name requested by the customers to be stamped at the back of the jerseys

these kids might be considering to watch the match between Barcelona and Manchester City scheduled on the 19th August as stated at the posters yg derang tgh tengok tuu

i like this shot of the kid, if not mistaken, came all the way from Italia, complete with his Barcelona kit + siap boot and socks....memang layan la....

i would like to dedicate this question to our FAM officials lah....huhuhuhuhu

my favorite photo off all the photos published inside this posting.
i was just about to finish my tour, when i saw this view yg i think memang menarik especially when the kid dengan baju barcelona dia + plus the yellow bus, which was used in the olden days to bring the players to the match venues outside of Barcelona + shadow of the stadium which somehow macam creating a frame for the photos.
so i just snap, senyum and blah.....and the end result memang aku suka
budak tu memang cute and the way dia tgk aku macam dia pelik tgk aku ....hehe.. aku tak tau pasai apa dia tgk aku camtu....

Thursday, 13-Aug-2009 17:19 Email | Share | | Bookmark
SAturday Morning Ride to Kuala Klawang 08/08/09

nope, i didnt joined the ride as i am on my shift that Saturday morning.

but, yes, i do get invited to join the ride as i received the sms from Pang that reads......
"good morning aprilians! Please join us for a pre-fasting ride to k klawang saturday morning 8/8/09. RV Petronas opposite Phoenix Plaza at 8am sharp. We'll be trying out 2 on board cams on this run, so look your best!"

well, from the message received, i know that these guys gonna try 2 brand-new on board cameras that they'd bought from Japan.....
sure layan nih kalao i dapat p....
but what to do....kerja beb....

and yes, 8/8/09 sounds 'ada Ong' punya date lah since the combination of the number got the lucky number 8 in it.......but it turns out to be a disaster for this rider.... yg tak syiok nih

the camera attached to one of the rsv

i m not so sure what this thing is...but i m sure its one of the device that comes with the camera....kind of hard disk la kot...nak store the data captured by the cam..rasanyalah

bro mazli seen here admiring the gold colored ream of the black belalang tempur

antara belalang tempur yg hadir

waiting for the rest of the riders to arrive there in front of the petronas stn

this kind of lap lah depa ni suma dok layan kalao g kuala klawang....memang la layan beb

but its not that layan anymore if your bike turns out to be inside this gaung...

i never had the chance to meet this bro yet, and i have no idea what his name is, but i do hope he is alright

and to cut the long story short, ada la pulak 2 bijik 4 wheel drive lalu.....

sesi tarik moto

its a good job well done

the bike is an aprilia Falco 1000
and i do feel sorry for that guy.

all of the photos captured by bro Fendi using his camera
nice series of photos la bro.
thanks a lot cos forward it to me

a brief introduction of the bike copied from wikipedia.
the rest of the article can be read here

Aprilia SL1000 Falco, also known as SL Mille, is a 60o V-Twin light motorcycle made by Aprilia between 1999 and 2005. It proved to be an unpopular motorcycle as regards sales. Many reasons have been put forward for this even though it was a reliable and powerful sports bike. One of the favourite reasons was that it was neither fair nor fowl. It had all the features that would be expected by a race replicate, including a lap timer, and extreme ride position (though not as extreme as Mille), but used a slightly deturned version of the RSV Mille engine. People wanting the race replica features bought the Aprilia RSV Mille. It was Designed to compete against the Honda VTR1000 the Suzuki TL 1000 and the various Ducati sport tourers. In head to head competition the Aprilia Falco showed itself as a far better bike, albeit a few thousand dollars more expensive. The fact that people's taste changed and shifted towards standard or "naked" bikes is as much a reason that the Falco didn't continue production as anything. Of the competitors mentioned only the Honda is still on sale in 2008.

The Falco never broke out of the Mille's shadow, unlike the Aprilia Tuono which also had the Mille engine but in a very different type of motorcycle. Despite this the Falco is rated very highly by owners and by the motorcycle press, given 4 out of 5 stars on every level by Motorcycle News.[1]

The only change made to the motorcycle in the time it was produced was to change the rear shock absorber after the first year. The Falco has Brembo brakes.

Saturday, 8-Aug-2009 19:54 Email | Share | | Bookmark

the initial plan was, from Paris straight towards Montpellier, a city which is located some 800km south of Paris.....perhhhhhhh......800km?
its a real journey beb...after 12 hours of flight, and now, need to add another 800km nya journey?
perghhh...penat....but yeah, since i am now in France, u add another 2000km pon i wouldnt mind.....
i wouldnt mind to add another thousands of kilometers lagi as long as i am in one of the european country...hehe...bila lagi nak jalan ye dak?

so here is the map of France...from Paris towards Montpellier......some 800km of driving.....tu kalao drive punya map lah.....

ni kalo naik TGV lah.......hehe....well, TGV stand for Train à Grande Vitesse....... a very high speed train lah maksud dia in French......its not a tanjong golden village cinema ye ...hahaha ...
and here is the tgv's route from paris to montpellier....hehe...

to be continued sambung balik.

i am not in a good mood to write all the stories yet.
so, for now i will put all the photos je dulu lah.
enjoy ya

Friday, 7-Aug-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
CDG at last

the 3 letter word which always sticked around our luggage/baggage whenever we travel tuu is actually a station code which is a standardized means of coding by International Air Transport Association or known as IATA.

so basically, each station/airport is given a 3 to 4 letter-word lah, so that senang untuk kita recognised which is which.....
macam KUL is kita punya KLIA lah....KUL is the code
BKI stand for Kota Kinabalu international airports....
LAX is the los angeles international airport...

working in the airline industry, i must actually know all of these codes....tapi ya lah...
banyak tuu airport.....mana nak hafal....haha....
before learning about all of these codes dulu, i always thought of LHR stands for Lahore, Pakistan.....
hahahahahaha.....aku heran gak pasai apa ramai Malaysian yg suka sgt p LHR....haha
rupanya, it stands for London-Heathrow airport.....padan la ramai gila Malaysian p sana...
London rupanya...

well, nope, macam biasa, i dont want to go into the details about those IATA codes suma tu, .....but in this case, just to let u know that, CDG stand for Charles De Gaulle aeroports named after their President dulu lah....
so here, some of the photos captured inside one of the busiest airport in the world....8th busiest actually.....busiest in terms of the aircraft movement lah......
memang busy gilaaaa......banyak gila airline yg aku tak penah tau pon wujud and ada their aircraft parked kat the airport bay.....

the view at the tarmac area....
seen here at the far-left of the photo, is the SIA's A380....the SIA is the first airline to receive the A380 from the French aircraft manufacturer, Airbus, after almost a year punya delay....
so now, since the SIA is the first airline to receive the 555-seats nye superjumbo, they've become the first airline lah to provide the Spore-Paris route with a direct flight using the A380

 France finally.................hahahahaha

the flight from KUL took off after 3 hours of delay.....
so sampai CDG pon lambat lah...then, nak kejar train lagi.....kelam kabut aku masa nih...
so gambar inside the airport pon tak berapa banyak lah....
its not that necessary pon ye dak.....hehe...i guess

see u in the next posting

Friday, 7-Aug-2009 06:58 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Eiffel with the Full Moon

Bonjour evryone....
.... just got back and cant wait to upload all the photos here...but of course, with me tgh recovering myself from the jetlag for being almost 13 hours on the plane, and now nak kena go thru all one by one of the four thousands over photos yg captured inside the camera over my past 2 weeks there....
perghhhhhh.....penat beb.....

but monsieur and madame sekalian, please bear with me for the photos that would be uploaded in this coming few days yaa....

this photo was taken 2 days panas lagi nih.....

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