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Friday, 15-Jul-2011 14:48 Email | Share | Bookmark

i am sorry for my absent here in this fotopages. its has been 11 months of me, mia from this field of foto-blogging. i must say that i am sort of lost in my own world. to say the least, i have lost my appetite for foto-blogging lah, senang cerita. so many things have changed, that i couldnt bear to face it anymore, that i decided to put off my fb acc, and stop updating this fp, and even considering to delete this fp acc, but, luckily i havent...
sounds like depression yah?
hahahahaha, i dont think so.

oklah,stop. we'll talk about BERSIH 2.0 now....

bersih2 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
these photos of R.Sivarasa an elected MP of Subang, and Ngeh Koo Ham, MP of Sitiawan, were in the middle of discussion with the police to lead one of the BERSIH group to one point. I was there to take photos of the team to negotiate with the police to let them march peacefully. All the team wanted is for the police to let the group march from Puduraya till the end of Jalan Sultan in which it only take 850m. The police agreed, at first, much to the delight of the rally participants, thinking that they finally have two elected Member of Parliament to lead them to a peaceful walk, though its just for a short walk.

bersih3 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
seen here in the picture, R.Sivarasa, an elected MP of Subang, is busy answering all the questions by the media, right after the police agreed that the group can go ahead to march about 1km starting from Puduraya towards Jalan Sultan.

bersih1 by ghazalihariri, on Flickr
R Sivarasa discussing with Ngeh right after they were given the green light by the police to lead the peaceful march starting from Puduraya and will end up in Jalan Sultan, where it will take only 1 km, and in return, the group had agreed to the police that they will disperse right after the march.

Ok, now, point to ponder.

The situation in Pudu was that, most of the rally participants were stranded and cant go anywhere as they were denied safe passage to Jalan Sultan. and the riot police have fired tear gas and chemicals towards them who run into the Tung Shin Maternity Hopital, and yes, they were sandwiched between two FRU blockades, and cant go anywhere. So, R Sivarasa and Ngeh Koo ham came to the rescue, and tried to negotiate with the police to give them a safe passage towards Jalan Sultan and in return, they will disperse once they get to Jalan Sultan.

The police agreed at first, much to the delight of the crowd, but with one condition.
"you must use only one side of the road" the police in charge told Sivarasa.
he got no other choice but to agree, though its quite impossible as there were about 2000 strong crowd waiting to get through.

but when the march are about to start, one of the policemen came and tried to call Sivarasa to come forward as the police in charge there wanted to meet him, but Sivarasa felt something is not right, and he asked the police to come forward instead of him going to the police side, but he did go anyhow.

and yess, he was taken away by the police. the police have broken their promise. and the tear gas and water cannons continued to be fired towards the peaceful demonstrators.

to be continued

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